2012 - No. 2

Multi Population Hybrid Genetic Algorithms for University Course Timetabling

Meysam Shahvali Kohshori, Mehrnaz Shirani Liri 

Risk Management in the Age of Turbulence - Failures and Challenges

Daniela Matei, Dragos Cristea, Alexandru Capatina

The Financial Safety Net – a necessity in a turbulent financial world

Peter Balogh, Nicu Tocu

Measurement and Evaluation of Efficiency. Criteria for Police Units

George Dimofte, Gabriela Dimofte, Ionica Bolea

The Comparison of GDP Strategies Forecasting in Romania

Mihaela Bratu Simionescu 

Business Process Reengineering, a Crises Solution or a Necessity

Gabriela Gheorghe

Mutations at the Level of the Measures Adopted by Monetary Authorities

Marius Constantin Apostoaie, Ştefan Matei

Usefulness of Artificial Neural Networks for Predicting Financial and Economic Crisis

Mioara Chirita

The Correlation between Game Theory and International Trade

Ioana-Veronica Alexa, Simona-Valeria Toma

Ultimate Owner and Firm Performance - Evidence from Romanian Mining and Quarrying Listed Firms

Iuliana Oana Mihai, Cosmin Mihai

Market Opportunity of Some Aluminium Silicon Alloys Materials through Changing the Casting Process

George Chirita, Mioara Chirita, Delfim Soares, Filipe Samuel Silva

Identification, Analysis, Modeling and Prediction of Time Series Characterizing the Indicators of Asset Structure in the Credit Institutions Operating in Romania

Ramona Mariana Calinica, Daniel Calinica

EU Regional Policy. Realities and Perspectives on the Absorption of European Funds

Valentin Neculita, Mihaela Neculita

Consideration Regarding Community Services of the Romanian Public Utilities

Alina Florentina Cucos, Nicolae Viorel Trif

Different Categories of Business Risk

Simona-Valeria Toma, Ioana-Veronica Alexa

Romania's Competitiveness and Competitive Position in Global Context

Mihaela Neculita, Valentin Neculita

A Conceptual Framework for Team Social Capital as Basis for Organizational Team Synergy

Raluca Zoltan

How to Cover the Medical Costs of Hospitalization: a Theoretical Model Based on the Household Willingness to Pay

Amaïde Arsan Miriarison Tsikomia, Razvan Stefanescu, Daniela Sarpe 

Alcohol Consumption: Measuring the Risk of Household Poverty (Case of the Urban District of Toamasina - Madagascar)

Amaïde Arsan Miriarison Tsikomia, Daniela Sarpe

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