2018 - No. 2

Policyholder’s Experience of Claims Settlement Methodologies in Motor Insurance Business in Nigeria

Ajemunigbohun SUNDAY

ICT and Economic Growth in WAEMU: An Analysis of Labor Productivity

Franck Essosinam KARABOU, Komlan Ametowoyo ADEVE

Evaluating the Effect of Digitalization on the Sales Force of Pharmaceutical Industry

Wankhede ABHA

Considerations on the Romanian International Trade with Agri-Food Products

Cezar Ionut BICHESCU, Silvius STANCIU

Multifactor Model for Estimation of Tobin’s Q for Listed Firms


A Company Improvement Analysis using the AHP and the ANP Methods

Silvia ISTRATE, Valerica NESTIAN, Maria NEAGU

Reference Points on the Accounting Treatment of Real Estate Investments

Florentina MOISESCU, Veronica BOLEA

E-commerce Trends

Maria Cristina ENACHE

How much is Exposed the Romanian Market to Food Fraud?

Silvius STANCIU, Cezar Ionut BICHESCU

Unemployment Prospective in Romania

Cristina Gabriela ZAMFIR