2014 - No. 1

An Intelligent Planning System based on Logical Events


The Tobacco Sector in Poland vs. the Czech Republic: an Analysis of the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis

Włodzimierz SROKA, Marketa LŐRINCZY

Change in Education. Challenges of the Education System

Daniela NECHITA, Florina Oana VIRLANUTA

The Impact of Debt Policy on Financial Performance of Romanian Listed Companies

Nicoleta BARBUTA-MISU, Andreea RUSU

The Public Relations Events in Promoting Brand Identity of the City


Tax and Accounting Aspects of the Assignment of Debts

Violeta ISAI, Riana Iren RADU

Comparison of the EWMA and GARCH Models with Respect to Estimation of the Exchange Rates Volatilities

Canturk KAYAHAN, Cahit MEMIS

The Influence of Company's Capital Cost on Investment Decision

Dorina Emilia TOMA

Study on the Application of the Prudence Principle in Accounting of Credit Institutions

Riana Iren RADU, Violeta ISAI

Some Aspects of using Web 2.0/Enterprise 2.0 Technologies in Accounting

Gianina MIHAI

The Architecture of the Statistical Modeling Concerning the Consumer Prices Indexes for Food Goods, Non-Food Goods and Services, in Romania

Gabriela OPAIT

The Evolution and the Effects of Bank Lending and Arrears in Romania

Florina Oana VIRLANUTA, Daniela NECHITA

The Penetration of Foreign Capital into the Banking Sector in Central and Eastern Europe’s Countries

Ramona Mariana CALINICA, Viorica IOAN, Angelica STRATULAT