2010 - No. 1

Food Production; Can it be Used as a Tool in Empowerment of Rural Women? A Case Study from Turkey
Funda Gencler, M. Metin Artukoglu

Consumer Attitudes Regarding Information Technology Usage
Khalil Md Nor, Liliana Mihaela Moga, Durmus Yoruk

A Model to Improve the Quality Products
Gratiela Dana Boca, Hasan Gokkaya

The role of unemployment insurance during the economic and financial crisis
Anca-Ştefania Sava

Effectiveness of agricultural land use in the lower Danube Euroregion
D. M. Parmacli, N. Myshkovetz

Incorporating the Basic Elements of a First-degree Fuzzy Logic and Certain Elments of Temporal Logic for Dynamic Management Applications
Vasile Mazilescu

The International Financial and Macro-Economic Frame of the Current Economic Crisis
Eduard Ionescu, Riana Iren Radu

Analysis of International Accounting Regulations with Regards to Fair Value
Diana Cozma Ighian

Designing a Virtual Center for E-Commerce
Logica Bănică, Doina Roşca

The Effects of Financing on Enterprise Performance
Nicoleta Bărbuţă-Mişu

The Role of the Euro During and After Economical Crisis
Daniela Matei

The Financing Mechanism of the Social Health Insurance System in Romania and in other European Countries
Florina Oana Virlanuta, Constantin Afanase

The Role of Ontologies for Designing Accounting Information Systems
Adrian Lupasc, Ioana Lupasc, Gheorghe Negoescu

Analysis of Main Social Indicators Developments Regarding Labour Market in 2007-2009 in Romania
Florin Marian Buhociu, Răducan Oprea, Valentin Marian Antohi

Free Zones Development in Romania – Premises, Determining Factors and Perspectives
Ionica Soare, Daniela Nechita

Financing Investment Projects the Relationship between Feasibility Study and Business Plan
Viorica Ioan

The Macroeconomic Outlook and the Impact of the Global Crisis in the Euro Area
Mioara Chirita

Modalities to Implement the Multilinguality in Web Dynpro Abap
Mihaela Osaci, Adela Diana Berdie, Ana Daniela Cristea, Emil Dragomir Molnar

Modeling the Evolution of Companies using Intelligent Software Agents Architecture
Cornelia Novac-Ududec, Cristina Zamfir

American Depression Impact on Economical Relations between European Union and United States of America
Mihaela Neculiţă, Daniela Şarpe

Possibilities for Making the Concepts of "Strategic Segment" and "Strategic Group" Become Operational - A Case Study in the Clothing Industry in Romania
Alina Florentina Avrigeanu, Flavia Gabriela Anghel, Elena Stanga, Bogdan Nicolae Glăvan

Protectionism and “Infant” Industries.Theoretical Approaches
Rozalia Kicsi, Simona Buta

Knowledge Economy and the Necessity of Knowledge Management
Dragoş Cristea, Alexandru Capatina

Fundamental Issues Concerning the Organization of Management Accounting in Units of Natural Resource Exploitation
Lucia Paliu-Popa, Nicolae Ecobici, Ionela-Claudia Dina

Protecting the Environment – a Vital Issue in the Contemporary World
Doina Udrescu, Otilia Rica Man

The Legal Support, Content and Certain Implications of Some of the New Accounting Regulations
Dan Togoe

Cash Flow Analysis on the Example Cormans Ltd. Galati
Carmen Mihaela Cretu, Rodica Pripoaie, Carmen Sirbu, Silviu Pripoaie

Interfirms Collaboration - the Basis for Interorganizational Innovation
Raluca Zoltan

The Implementation of the Statistical Sounding for the Effectiveness of the Level for Training
Aurelian Dragan

Learning Waves from Google
Maria Cristina Enache

Analysis of a Group Decision-Making Process
Gabriela Gheorghe

The Integrated Management Policies of Water Resources
Adrian Zugravu, Maria Magdalena Turek Rahoveanu

The Statistical Analysis of the Factoryal Influences Concerning the Dynamic of the Average Level for the Social Productivity of the Work in Romania
Gabriela Opait

Financing the Commerce – Creating Capacities and Diversifying the Offer within the National Financial Field
Irina-Ştefana Cibotariu

Implications of International Financial Reporting Standards of Performance Indicators within a Company
Cristina Mihaela Onica, Neculina Chebac, Lucean Mihalcea, Lucian Domniţeanu

Cluster Economic Performance Concept – Present Experiences and Future Developments
Simona Biriescu

Cost-benefit Analysis for Modernization the Agricultural Working Roads
Andrei C. Covrig

The American Mortgage Crisis Implications on the international economics evolutions
Costel Nistor, Paolo Panico, Rozalia Nistor, Mihaela-Carmen Muntean

The analysis of the customers’ perception on CSR – tridimensional approach – cultural, economical and social
Nicoleta Cristache, Adrian Micu, Angela-Eliza Micu, Irina Susanu

Performance and Changes Evaluation & Management: Ways of Development in Banking Institutions
Doinita Badiu, Monica Susanu